Four Hour Trade in the Optional Binary with Bollinger Bond Indicator

We are always looking for the best strategy that we can trade with. Everyone in this market is looking for the best spot.

But you have noticed that most people are still in the What do you think? What will happen to you after finding the right system؟

Well, u know Complying with the rules of the procedure, comply with the rules of capital management.

Making a profit, making a profit, taking money, reposing money, buying a home, buying cars, helping the needy, buying a car, going to fine restaurants, and more.

But you have noticed that most people are still in the first stage. Meanwhile, they are still looking for a profitable way. What do you think for your reason?

It is clear they are looking for something simple. If they have to make the right strategy. That is, they should study the existing methods, and practice and resolve them.

With the tools you know, complete them. It needs work and effort.Not whether we are constantly busy for a strategy for a few days and after the interim results, we’re crazy and disappointed after some time, and then get to know a new strategy and repeat the same process again. In addition, psychology should not be overlooked. The first pillar of success in this market is psychology, which itself is a very long topic and can not be opened here.

Well, in this article, I’m going to introduce a new strategy. Hopefully, with the explanations I’ve written above, study this approach with a better approach.

How to work with this method?

We use the Bollinger band in this method. First, at Daytime, we’ll see the price of the band rather than the band, and then at lower times.

The band setting is in the form of a default, which means 20 and 2. Naturally, when the price is low, the market is downtrend. And when it’s up in the high band, it’s bullish.

So the first step is to see what happens at the Daily Deal using the Bollinger Band. Let’s go to the next time.The  timing can be four hours or one hour.

In the picture above, we are seeing a downturn in the time daily. At the four-hour, we are looking for a small climb and a collision to the top of the band so that we enter the continuation of the decline.

In other words, we have to find the strength of the market in a timely manner. (In the above image at time daily, we determined the downside trend.)

In the H4 timeline, Point 1 has touched the price of the upper limit of the bond, creating a so-called “work” and giving us the position put.

Well, it’s almost over. Now we have to sit up till the expire time.

If you want to summarize the rules:

  Position Call:

The price is at the time of day at the top of the Bolognese band midline.

In the four-hour time, touch the bottom line of the band.

Position put:

The price in time daily is below the midfield of Bollinger Bay.

In the four-hour, the price touches the upper line of the band.

It seems to me that this strategy is based on the fact that the business is gearing up for a more timely and dominant trend. It is a strong point.
And one more thing is that analyzing a few timeframes and connecting them is always attractive to me and extracted information for them.
But I suggest that you practice based on the experiences you have to risk it down





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